Student tips
Acadia Workshop Center

The Acadia Workshop Center
is dedicated to make your learning experience the best ever!

Here are some pointers to help you ensure your workshop success:

Classes start at the specified time - usually 9 AM and run until 4PM with an hour break for lunch.
Please be in class and prepared before that time as a courtesy to the Instructor and your fellow students.

Please have all your required materials required for class as per the Instructor's supply list. 
Please note that some supplies are available in our store.

Class is not a social event and some instructors ask that you please keep conversation to a minimum to avoid distracting your fellow students.

Have reasonable expectations.  You are here to learn so please come with an open mind. 

Do not expect to paint "masterpieces". This is a learning experience.  Very often students find that what they learn in class actually takes a while to digest.

Clothing:  Bring your "play clothes" or a smock.  Our atmosphere is very casual and relaxed.  For plein air classes, rain gear, like a poncho with a hood, is a good idea too.

Please note:
Because of allergies and safety reasons, use of turpentine and solvents will not be permitted in the studios for oil classes.  Mineral or vegetable oil will be used for cleaning brushes.  You may use solvents outside. 

Plein air tips...
Travel light.  Some locations are not "easy access" and will require walking and carrying your equipment.

NOTE: Rental of full french style easels, chairs and umbrellas are available by reservation.

Wear neutral colored clothing.  Bright colors attract stinging insects. Dark colors attract mosquitos.

Wear good supportive shoes or sneakers.  No sandals please.

Do not use perfume or scented bath articles. 
They attract insects and other students may have allergies to them..

Bring a good brimmed hat, sunscreen, your sunglasses and have a supply of water for painting and/or drinking.  Rain gear is a good idea too.

Along the coastline - "storm waves" can happen at any time, even on a calm day.  Please stay away from the very edge of the ocean.  Also, the rocks in the tidal areas can be very slippery even when they look dry.

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