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Workshops run 5 days, M-F, unless noted otherwise.
Sheila Parsons
July 11 - 15, 2011
Plein Air / Studio
Sheila Parsons, MSW has been a professional artist and workshop instructor since 1976. She received her masters in art from the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York and has studied since then with some of the greats in the watercolor field. She has been an assistant to Milford Zornes on over 30 watercolor workshops and has led her own workshops all across the United States, in Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Wales, Greece, Spain and France.
  Her work is included in public and private collections in Europe, Mexico and the USA. She does vibrant and colorful paintings of landscapes, florals and street scenes.
  She is a signature member of the MidSouthern Watercolorists, a member of Oklahoma Watercolor Association and Midwest Watercolor Association and has served on the faculty of the Arkansas Arts Center. Her work has been included in Watercolor USA, MidSouthern WC annual and other national shows. Her paintings are in corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe.
  Beginners to Advanced Painters are always welcome in my workshops!
I teach PAINTING - if you want to work in pastel or acrylic that is fine. I will be demonstrating in watercolor! Come ready for a fantastic ART-VENTURE!
We have a great time!

Beginner - Advanced 
$575 per student

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Get good paper….cheap paper causes problems for you! D’Arches 140 lb. cold, rough or hot press in sheets or block form (or 300 lb if you prefer). Arches paper is very forgiving and easy to work with. I use all three surfaces and usually demo on each. I also like Fabriano 140# ROUGH for florals and Cheap Joe’s paper Kilamanjaro cold press 140#.  I only use 300# if I am in a very dry climate. You will also need a board to support your paper if not using a block and loose sheets are far cheaper. Two sheets of foam core (1” larger than your paper) taped together makes an excellent and light support board.
Ultramarine Blue / Permanent or Winsor or Thalo Green / Burnt Sienna or quin burnt orange / Manganese or Cerulean Blue / Permanent or Winsor or Thalo Blue / Cobalt Blue / Permanent Alizarin / Winsor or Quin Red / New Gamboge / Vermillion  / WN Transparent Yellow / Some lovely rose – quin rose or permanent rose / quin gold WN or Harvest Gold (CJ’s) or Raw Sienna  (NOTE: for very intense and rich color, I also use the Cadmium yellows and reds. They are opaque but if you don’t glaze they are gorgeous!)  I use DaVinci, Winsor Newton. American Journey and Grumbacher's Finest pigments These are suggested colors - please use the palette you are familiar with - I like the transparent colors!  The new quinacridone colors from WN and Daniel Smith are all just gorgeous!
Try them.
Brushes  Flats – 2 choose from 1”, 3/4” or 1/2”  / rigger or script liner / an old oil brush for scrubbing out /an old toothbrush / Rounds - large about a 26 or 30 and a medium about size 10 or 12  / Wash brush 2" or wider (hake is okay or Cheap Joe’s Skipper or Skyhawk are good ones)
Miscellaneous - For in studio class:
·small terry towel
·sponge - kitchen absorbent type
·roll of masking tape - 3/4” or 1/2” wide
·sketchbook and sketch pencil - (small enough to carry all the time)
·India ink or permanent ink black markers (thick and thin)
       #2 pencil and pink pearl or white Eberhard Faber eraser
·2 water containers - cut off soda bottles are good
·roll of good paper towels or Kleenex
·good white palette with large mixing area and lid (Cheap Joe's or John Pike styles are good)
• VERY IMPORTANT - Personal photos and sketches for inspiration – we do not copy other people's art!
Add these for OUTDOORS - A stool or folding chair • hat • sunscreen  / TV tray, box or WC easel • bug spray • water to drink
Please use the above list as a GUIDE as well as a statement of my personal watercolor supplies. It is not necessary to secure every item. Bring the materials that you are most comfortable using.