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2010 Workshop Schedule

Workshops run 5 days, M-F, unless noted otherwise.
Elin Pendleton
Fall Color Boot Camp! - Oil / Acrylic
Plein air / Studio
“Fall Color Boot Camp” where students finish up to 10 paintings each in five days!
If you are struggling with color, this is the workshop for you.

Elin presents the basics of how to compose strong value designs based upon the most popular ratios of light, mid-tone and dark values. She then moves the students through her innovative and simple color system to depict six separate and distinct times of day, focusing on the landscape as the primary source material.

Students paint on location, weather permitting, depicting ocean waves, rocks, natural landscape and figures, logically making good color choices based upon the key aspects of landscapes in morning light, noon, afternoon and moonlight illumination.

Elin Pendleton is a nationally recognized artist whose paintings have won major awards in juried competitions and continually sell well from her web sites. She is a full member of the American Academy of Equine Art, a signature member of Women Artists of the West, and past president of same, and a signature member of the National Acrylic Painters (now ISAP). Color drenched canvases draw the viewer’s eye and her brushwork is her trademark. Elin has more than thirty years of painting and teaching to share. Positive messaging and the ability to pinpoint specific goals for students are her strengths. She is a published writer (Foster Books) and the author of four instructional videos on painting.

Intermediate - advanced

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Supply List
Colors -If You Use Oils
>> If Acrylics (Variation if different)
White Titanium (Same)
Cool Blue Ultramarine Blue Ultramarine (Blue Shade)
Warm blue Pthalo Blue (Same)
Cool Green Pthalo Green (Same)
Warm Green Sap Green (Same)
Cool Yellow Lemon Yellow Azo or Hansa yellow
Warm Yellow Cadmium Yellow Medium (Same)
Cool Orange Yellow Ochre (Same or Yellow Oxide)
Warm Orange Cadmium Orange (Same)
Warm Red Cadmium Red Light (Same)
Cool Red Alizarin Crimson Permanent…or Napthol Crimson
Warm dark orange Burnt Sienna (Same)
Cool dark orange Burnt Umber (Same)
Black Ivory, Lamp or other black (Same)

Sketchbook at least 9 x 12. You will take notes as well as make color notes in this.
Clothing: Long sleeved painting shirt or smock in a neutral color A lab coat works well as do old men's shirts. Do not wear bright, pure colors (such as red, yellow, green, purple, orange or blue) to your painting class. These colors affect the colors you will be mixing and will definitely affect your painting.
Surfaces: Bring small canvases or panels for painting. If you are used to doing one painting a month, bring 11, six 5x7s and five of your normal size. If you are used to doing three or four paintings a week, bring 16, six 5 x 7s and ten of your normal size. If you are a slow painter, bring six 5 x 7s, some 8 x 10s and 9 x 12s. If you are used to working large, bring 16 x 20s and 18 x 24s, but be sure to bring the six 5x7s, too!
Palette, recommended:
Oils: wax paper wrapped and taped (using clear postal mailing tape) over cardboard painted gray, at least 12 x 16 inches. Wax paper will be provided.
Acrylics: white freezer paper wrapped and taped (using clear postal mailing tape) over a piece of cardboard, at least 12 x 16 inches. Freezer paper will be provided.
What NOT to use: paper plates, styrofoam trays that meat came on, anything under 10 inches in size.

Paper Towels or Paint Rags
Two Large Plastic 7-Day Pillboxes or Craft Boxes You will use these to store unused paint for the next session. Each pillbox should be ½ inch deep at least and NOT have movable sides. Buy them at your pharmacy/craft or grocery store. Should have a good seal.
Brushes, at least five. For oils: Natural hog bristle For acrylics: stiffer nylon
Your choice of type, either flat, bright or filbert (which is my preference) sizes 4, 6, 8, 12 or 10, plus one small size 1 or 2 nylon round for details and signature. Good brands are Silver Ruby Satins and Langnickel Regis.

Cleaning agent for your pigments. Bring two containers for your cleaning agents (one gets messy too quickly). I like glass jars for acrylic water, and Dole Tropical Fruit Salad cans for my oil solvents. But it is a personal thing, just bring two. Plastic grocery bag for your litter and soiled rags, to be hung from your easel.

Mediums: For oil medium, when I’m not able to use Classic Oil Paints, I use Liquin. For acrylics, you’ll need an 8 oz bottle of gloss, matte or satin medium/varnish (your choice of finish).

The following items will be needed if you choose to paint along while I do the outdoor painting demonstrations/exercises: Portable easel, sun umbrella or wide brim hat, sun cream, neutral colored coat or clothing, sturdy shoes, means to carry your supplies and bug spray. Do NOT wear yellow outdoors! (Instant bug attractor!)

August 30 - Sept. 3rd, 2010
FEE: $ 500* per student
Elin's Color System Students!
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