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Don Getz
Watercolor Journaling

Plein air / Studio

This session with Don Getz will focus on how to develop a watercolor journal for traveling or simply painting "en plein air".  Don will take you, step by step, through the pen and ink sketching stages and on to laying in transparent watercolor washes in local colors or those of your imagination.

He will show journal samples from his trips to France, Spain, Great Britain, Canada, the Maine Coast, windjammer cruises and hikes in the Adirondacks Mountains.  He has found watercolor journals to be a great way to capture more images in a short period of time, versus painting quarter or half sheets on location; less equipment is definitely and advantage, along with the simplicity of carrying a watercolor journal sketchbook.  The watercolor journal also serves as a great tool in showing your experiences to friends and fellow artists.

This session will be "en plein air", weather permitting.  Those who wish to simply work on their drawing skills are invited to participate, as Don will demonstrate drawing techniques in the process of developing the watercolor journals.  Other artists who might prefer to paint half sheets are also welcome. 

Experimentation and personal expression are key elements in Don's teaching, yet Getz stresses the fundamentals of drawing skills, use of negative and positive shapes, values and design elements.  This session will be fun and a new direction for traditional easels painters.

Don Getz is a signature life member and a vice president of the American Watercolor Society; signature member of Midwest Watercolor Society; and founder and life member of the Ohio Watercolor Society.  Getz is also a member of the infamous W.P.A. – the Whiskey Painters of America – a
notorious group of artists scattered across the U.S. who paint miniature watercolors using alcohol, instead of water.Getz is not a ‘charter’ member, but one of only three of the original members still licking their brushes. In his duties with the AWS, Getz has produced the annual exhibition color catalog since 1985.

Share the “plein air” experience of sketching and painting rather quickly, capturing a fleeting moment in time. The purpose is to take home visual recollections of the many subjects you found intriguing and would otherwise not have had the time to create a ‘polished’ painting on location. Develop as a better sketch artist and by all means, HAVE FUN
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