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Cooper Dragonette

Whether you are new to painting or have some experience, this workshop will ensure that each of you has a good personal working foundation in order to support your exploration of working en plein air. During our four-day workshop, we will focus attention on Tonal Values, Composition, Color Saturation and Brushwork, giving special attention to the importance of edges and how the play between hard and soft gives subtle depth and drama to a painting.  Individual, personalized attention is a priority. Plein Air demos will give you a first hand view of Cooper's approach to working on site and you will have plenty of time to work on your own as well.

Inspired by the coast of Maine, Cooper Dragonette has devoted himself to painting the landscape since 2000.  His influences consist of notable artists such as John Singer Sargent, Edward Hopper, and Andrew Wyeth. Cooper primarily paints in oils and has an affinity for painting outdoors, but also enjoys creating studio works using his outdoor sketches for inspiration. “Painting is often an experience in memory for me. On site I am trying to record the moment, but in the studio I am trying to get back to the place, to the feeling, to the experience."

Mr. Dragonette is a full-time landscape painter, teacher, father, and husband (though not necessarily in that order) living and working in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

His work is held in private, public and corporate collections across the country.

He is currently represented by Kennebunkport Art House in Kennebunkport, Maine

All levels  $600 per student

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Supply list

Portable Easel
(This should include a palette or disposable paper palette)

250ml tube Titanium White
37ml tube Ivory Black
37ml tube Burnt Sienna
37ml tube Cadmium Red Light
37ml tube Alizarin Crimson
37ml tube Yellow Ochre
37ml tube Lemon Yellow
37ml tube Ultramarine Blue
37ml tube Pthalo Blue
Avoid Hues
Bring any other colors you would like to try

8-10 MDF Panels between the sizes of 8”x8” and 16”x20”.  Must be adequately primed and stable.

#8 Filbert
#6 & #4 Flat Brushes
#4 Round Brush for detail work

1 small container "Liquin Original" medium or Fast-Drying Poppy Oil
Or Odorless Mineral Spirits such as Turpenoid OR Turpentine

Palette knife
Sketch Pad for drawing and note-taking
#8B Pencil
2 Small Sealable Containers for Medium and Cleaner
Backpack or Tote Bag
Paper Towels or Rags
Plastic shopping bag
Brim Hat & Sunscreen
Water & Snacks
Appropriate Clothing (for hot or cold weather)
Apron (optional)