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Workshops run 5 days, M-F, unless noted otherwise.
Christine Lafuente
Oil Painting Concepts and Techniques En Plein Air
August 12 - 16, 2019

This workshop will focus on oil painting techniques in working directly from observation in the Maine landscape.

The following concepts will be covered:

1. Approaches to composition in drawing and painting from observation such as gesture, tonal design, proportion, and atmospheric color harmony.

2. Materials and techniques in oil painting such as grounds, pigments, solvents, palette organization, and color mixing.

3. Landscape painting as a practice and as a source for other work.

While this workshop is open to all levels, some experience in Drawing and/or Painting from observation is required.

Max # of students: 12 

Artist info:

Fee: $725

Sketchbook, pencils for drawing and note-taking

Suggested Oil Colors:
      Burnt Sienna
      Ultramarine Blue
      Titanium White or Titanium/Zinc Blend
      Lead/Flake White
      Yellow Ochre
      Ivory Black
      Cadmium Red Medium*                    *AVOID “HUE'S"
      Cadmium Yellow Pale*
      Cobalt Blue*
      Alizarin Crimson
      Cadmium Yellow Medium*
      Cerulean Blue*
      Raw Umber
      Raw Sienna
      Rose (either Rose Madder or Permanent Rose)
      terre verte
      sap green
      cadmium lemon
Please bring any other oil colors you would like to discuss!

A decent range of mid-size to large (#4 -#16 or higher) HOG bristles in a variety of flats, rounds, and filberts. Use good quality, good condition brushes. (Also sables and synthetics if you have them.)
Basic Mediums:
      Odorless Mineral Spirits such as Turpenoid OR Turpentine
      Artist Grade Linseed Oil
      Please no dryers for this workshop (liquin, alkyds, varnishes, etc.)
      8-10 high quality Surfaces between the sizes of 8”x8” and 16”x20” White Ground Cotton Duck Canvas or Linen or Board. Must be adequately primed and stable.

Palette: 16 x 20 paper palette
Palette Cups
Brush-cleaning container (ex. can, jar, silicoil)
Glass Jars with Lids
<<<<< Palette knife: pointed with a dog-leg handle, for mixing
AN OUTDOOR EASEL, preferably a full box Jullian French Easel

The workshop property is up for sale! If it is sold before the workshop, alternate measures will be taken.  Please contact me if you are interested!